Checkout 51: Cash Back Savings 应用的评论


Ibotta is better

As a couponer, I’m always looking for ways to save, but I’m not a fan of CheckOut 51’s structure. Ibotta lets you cash out via PayPal same day. CheckOut 51 cashes out via a mailed check that takes 15-30 business days. It’s 2018. There’s no excuse to be so archaic. Likely going to delete the app.

Cannot open app

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it keeps saying I have no internet connection but I do. I would really like to try this app but no luck!!

Finally I made it!

It took me a long time to cash out.But I will continue use it.

Never received my money

I used this app in 2016 and NEVER received my $20 once I was finally able to cash out. I emailed the company and never heard back. The app says you should receive your check in 3-5 weeks. LIES! I gave up. Not worth the $20

More Variety

I wish that they offered a greater variety of pantry items. The ones offered, I rarely buy but I do like the health and beauty items offered!

Used to be good

Monitors your activity on other money saving apps. It used to be good but now it’s so strict. Seriously acts like the coupon police. Don’t waste your time. Try Ibotta or Saving Star.


This app is not good for being able to get money back. If they blame the manufacturers for prohibiting rebates from multiple apps then they are doing something wrong because other apps don't have those restrictions. Save your time and don't get this app.

Updated Review

I love the new updates!!! Getting a whole lot better!! Will definitely continue using!!! Great App!!!

Just ok

My big issue is that a lot of the products i buy and they offer on the app I cannot redeem because are available at stores from other states. :)) the closest Ralphs store is 1650.72 miles away... I understand why they don't want us to redeem products on multiple apps ( before this restriction I was able to redeem products almost for free using multiple apps) I just don't agree with it. I wish they had more brands...

Beyond easy

I have tried to coupon in the past. This is the only one that has worked for me. They have made it so simple to use. Plus you can allow your savings to add up before cashing in. All you need is your cell phone when shopping. Just be sure to check the requirements which are clearly laid out for each product.


So checkout 51 is now deceiving in their responses to customers. See below. This isn't the app it used to be. Experienced checkout 51 person here. Total savings in a few years has been $460! But that was mostly before June 2017! You want to save money? Don’t waste time with this. I have no clue what checkout 51 is thinking with every change they make. ***THIS YOU HAVE TO SEE*** I was looking through other reviews and many complained about not being able to use this as a rebate app like before. How you can now only use this offer with NO other Coupons. See up until mid-2017, this was competitive with ibotta. Ibotta is a rebate app. Not a digital coupon app. Checkout 51 had true rebates. Anyway, with the complaint about this not being a rebate app anymore: U KNOW WHAT THE RESPONSE WAS to a complaint about not being able to use it with other Coupons? If you scroll through, find the review from 11/7/17. The response from 51 comes on 11/16/17. On 11/9/17 someone wrote a review about how she loved going on Krazy coupon Lady. Caught my eye bc I did as well. Anyway the canned response she got was actually a whopper. Go read the response from the checkout 51 team but this is paraphrased: Checkout 51: While many of our offers can be used with coupons, occasionally companies limit this.....and it goes on. It is 1/7/18 and I read her review from 11/9/17. So the response from checkout 51 was a big deceiving. How insulting to deceive your customers! **1/7/18 I counted the first 22 offers in my app. Know how many of them allowed you to use any other coupons? 1 out of 22! I don’t consider that to be most companies still letting us use coupons with the offers! Cvs filter on: 1/7/18: I just went to the pantry section of the app. 13 out of 16 offers you cannot use with other coupons or offers. Not even close to the response they gave this frustrated user from 11/9/17. In the dairy section: 6 of 9 cannot be used with Coupons. In meat section: 2/2 cannot be used with Coupons. This is NOT THE APP IT USED TO BE! In personal care: 16/28 cannot be used with Coupons! This hardly seems to be even close to what checkout 51 told the customer in the 11/2017 feedback! Basically people are better off using paper or digital coupons than taking the time to come home, snap pics or scan receipts and have to wait for some company to hold their money till they hit $20 when it would’ve been better off to just use a coupon at the store! I didn’t have a problem with checkout 51 before! I gave them 5 stars before! (I’ve Used for 3 years) In less than one year they have completely changed. Now this app is more like digital coupons that you put into an account and not a true rebate app. I used to use this app a lot. Like $30-60 per month. Now, maybe a couple bucks every few months. Not worth it. Boo checkout 51. Bad choices made. Ibotta is the app to use!! That’s how I paid for my Disney trip! The money from those rebates. Checkout 51, BAD FORM.

So far so good

I haven’t been using Checkout 51 very long however I do use it with other apps to save money. Checkout 51 doesn’t have as many products I use S other apps but I’m still using it and hopefully they will be adding additional items.

Check out 51

Check out 51 was amazing when I first downloaded the app. But of course, which anything, once you really start saving and earning $$ they change it to where items have to be purchased at specific stores which makes it very difficult to go shopping especially if none of the stores listed are local. Definitely deleting this app and looking for one where I can actually earn money back, rather than wasting it on fuel rising to specific stores!

Cute Shopping App!!

This App is so interesting and cute! It’s an easy and simple way to earn money for doing what you already do and that’s Shopping!! I love how this app allows you to purchase produce like fresh vegetables and fruits from any Grocery store and that it doesn’t have to be a name Brand store like Walmart. All you have to do is make sure that the store you go to prints the receipt with the name of the produce you bought like apples; the receipt Has to Say Apples!! That’s the main thing on this App. Plus it’s always best to purchase products that has the Actual picture on the Offers list cuz otherwise they will reject you and not give you the cash for that product! So be careful!!😠. It has to be in the picture!! Tips: Make sure to take clear and even pictures, include Everything! Take pictures of your receipt from top to bottom! 2. Be patient. After scanning your receipts it will take between an hour to a Whole day for your offer to go through. It will say ‘Pending’ don’t worry, so long as you take clear and steady pictures and made sure the receipt has the Name of the item(s) you bought, enjoy collecting money your way! This app is a great addition to earning some extra bucks, your just Shopping and buying extra food and products for your house. Plus you get cash back from the things you bought! So try this App and see what you think! When you reach $20.00 you can cash out using Check or PayPal. Enjoy!!🤗👋

Unable to login?

Opened the app today and was somehow signed out? (This hasn’t happened before...) so I try and sign in with 1 of 2 email addresses I have, doesn’t work. Try the other, doesn’t work. Try to reset my password, try with both emails, says I need to make sure I enter a valid email - huh?? Try signing in with Facebook, get through the process and it takes me back to the app to sign in again. It’s not worth the hassle considering how little I’ve made with this app. I agree with the other reviews regarding selection and limitations...back to ibotta I go.

So sweet, so good!

I buy Pop-tarts all the time. They are a sweet fulfilling breakfast or snack for kids or teens in the go.

Waste of time

Don’t waste your time. I reached $20+ and cashed it for a check. The check never came in the mail. Nothing but a scam.

Please get PayPal

No one wants paper checks anymore. Please add PayPal deposits.

Getting a whole lot better

I have had Checkout 51 for quite some time, alongside my other savings apps. One thing that was lacking was a search function within the app to quickly look up and find products or categories without having to scroll through the entire list. This is a great time saver and has made the app much more user-friendly. I would suggest that another way to draw users and get attention would be to have more rebates on staple items, like bread, milk, eggs, cream cheese, ketchup, etc. Even a dime or a quarter is useful to get back and like one of the other reviewers said, it keeps us motivated to browse the app and use it when at least we have a generic offer like that available. In all, I’ve saved well over a thousand dollars on other apps and only $41 using Checkout 51, but I still use it every time I go to the store in hopes there are a couple items I can pick up through the app. Thanks for helping me save!

Aw some app

Awesome app


I have been using this program for 3 years now and earned a lot of money. I tried to log in today and it told me that I am not even registered. This is ridiculous. Everything I earned so far is now gone. Not worth the effort.

Gift cards

I’m very thankful for this app, I’ve already received to checks one of $20 & $28, having a serious health problems living off Social Security this comes in handy, just wish you wouldn’t make it so the good items need more then one of the item to get the savings, I can’t hardly ever buy more then one item at a time

I love it. I shop and I get money back.

Can’t be happier. I get a check to spend where I want.

Not worth the effort

I don’t see many items or brands I normally use in the app anymore. There are a lot of weird ones I’ve never seen or heard of. I’ve been stuck at $14 for months now because there’s usually nothing on this app that I buy so I’m in rebate limbo. I’m not gonna buy stuff I don’t use just to get a $20 for a check to be snail mailed to me. If I ever make it to $20 in my lifetime I will cash out and delete the app. It’s not worth the effort or time.

Kind of useless

I found that it is very difficult to find any rebate that is actually worth it. I have the app for 3 months now and I have collected like 0.55. Most likely will delete it soon.

First timer

So far so good!

Used to be a great savings App

I used to enjoy this App so much more before. Lately on a Wednesday when it is supposed to have new items for the week, they put up the same items that have already reached their claimed limit. If there aren’t any available of that item, then don’t list it at all! Please do better with this and adding different items.

Limit met not yet

How are so many limits met to things I haven’t purchased let alone submitted for a rebate! This app is on the bottom scale of my rebate apps. Needs lots of improvements! And more fresh produce!

Not as happy as I once was

I still enjoy Checkout 51 but not like I used too. I feel Checkout 51 is becoming the coupon police. I’ve noticed that if something shows up on Checkout 51 and another app on the phone; the offer on Checkout 51 tends to either get sold out or reached its limit of redemptions if you just activate the other offer. If the manufacturers are the issue then why are these limits only placed on Checkout 51? Also if and item has no more rebates available, why does it continue to show up week after week? The list gets really long with rebates you can’t take advantage of. I’m like the other reviewer; I’m probably going to delete the app as well.

Think it through

It's simple and saves money. No coupon clipping and no need for the store to hassle you when submitting electronic or paper coupons. Almost at $400 in cash back received in just over a year.

Not good

Not as good as it use to be. I use to get my check within 2-3 weeks but now I never received it customer service is great they tell me the check is in the mail.

Not worth it

I’ve had this app for a while now and I don’t get anything much worth it. So disappointing


Used this app every week and would save $$. Not anymore. Only things offered are specialty items, no produce or weekly grocery needs offered. Haven’t saved in the last couple of months. So sad, not gonna buy things just to save money and never use.

Aweful update

This update makes it much harder to read the offers...they are so small! I hate it.

Checkout 51

Why can’t I access the weekly offer example now email says eggnog and I Don’t have it on my offer list ——— very confused on this ! ?

Waiting to delete

I've had his app almost 2 years now. I have made it to the 20$ cash out limit one time. Products are just too limited and the stores that you are able to redeem them at. Most of the stores listed are not in my area. I have been 1.50$ away from being able to cash out a second time but I'm probably just going to say screw it and delete the app since I've been unable to redeem any products for months now.


I'm new at this, but I like seeing my account grow:) $$$$$

I absolutely LOVE receiving cash rebates on groceries!

I love this app! You simply match your rebates and receive cash back! Once you hit $20, you can cash out! I do wish that the Paypal option would become available for my area, but until then, receiving my checks in the mail works JUST fine!;) Thanks!


While I use to ❤️ this app, I find it highly disappointing anymore. There is hardly anything I EVER buy I it, and I am use most people have the same complaint. And then even if you do happen to purchase something from the list, it’s only from certain stores that are NO WHERE near where I live! So disappointed with this app!

Not many offers I could use

I want to cash out my $6 since there are never any offers I would use and the ones i want disappear quickly. Ibotta has its issues but I have already cashed out several times, yet this app?! I just hate. Used it for veggies, but now that’s gone too! * update: Please don’t tell me to do your job and find offers on social media. Seriously?! What about the fruits and veggies rebates? You can surely put those back. But since you are not offering those and there are no other useful offers, please at least release what I earned already! I worked for it and I am blocked from getting my earnings.

Great app

I hope I can really redeem the cash in my account in the future! Thank you

Lack of payment options

In this day and age, electronic transfer of funds should be the standard. The time between requesting funds and receiving them can be long. Make it happen.

Horrible selection

My first impression of this app was good. It's designed well and is user friendly. The introduction offers I got were up my alley: onions, tomatoes, garlic. Then I got into the real offers and was very very disappointed. A bunch of unhealthy, processed junk. I like to make homemade meals so I buy a lot of veggies, pastas, meats, etc. If this app offered cash back on ingredients, I would love it. Unfortunately it's all junk food. Deleting this app after 5 mins.

Waste of space

Rarely anything I would normally buy and the rebates are so minimal. My first month with Ibotta, I earned $46. In 3 months on Checkout51, I have less than $3. Many of the rebates are store specific only and they are specific to the store where it costs the most to buy it so that you are better off buying it without the rebate from a non participating store. Its a waste of space and time. *Edit: Its a lazy response to put the issue off on me as the customer. This is why I have deleted your app, its useless and all of your responses to the bad reviews have been canned or had nothing to do with what was actually being said, or like this one, where you tell me its my job to do your job.

Bait and switch

Signed up for the extra Sams club membership when it was time to renew my basic one. Checkout51 has a $10 for each so I was expecting $20. Turn in my receipt only to find out that I was denied because I had to have entered in some code at “the kiosk” where I renewed my membership. Well, I renewed at the self checkout and the only code to enter was for my debit card. First the app is organized horribly. How about some basic categories and maybe load the whole list rather than a few at a time. Then the items in C51 I rarely use, talk about a ransoms selection. Finally I was annoyed after the blackout of basic produce items without hitting a threshold of other items. The Sams Club “deal” is the last straw - I’m done with this app and will stick with Ibotta. Been averaging about $500 with Ibotta and $40 for C51 the last couple years. They can lowball some other sucker’s shopping habits.

What about produce?

I used to be able to claim produce, but I guess chips and alcohol are more popular!

It’s OK

I’ve cashed out 2 times now and the biggest issue besides the lack of variety of rebates offered is that they send you a check in the mail. Why are there no gift card Or PayPal options? Why do you leave the saaaaaame items that nobody clearly buys on the site? It’s takes a long time for me to cash out, hence just ok review

Images show iPhone x

But I'm still getting black bars. Also not that many offers

Great app for extra money

You should remove rebates for instance the rebate for Zantac was 0 remaining last week yet you put it on the list for December 7 and that was not the only rebate showing 0 last week goldfish and I Idaho potatoes just to name a few this is not the first time this is happened I’ve watched the same rebates show up 0 week after week even though it was 0 the prior week you still put it on the list

I prefer another app, this one not worth it anymore

Twice now my receipt has been rejected because I've used app with paper manufacturers coupons. If it happens again, I'll cash out and delete. Not worth the time and stress. Update: I used to enjoy using this app but I enjoy Ibotta much more. They are less restrictive and offer bonuses. And you get a bonus after redeeming your first rebate. Use this code ifjaidl and join my team! Trust me it’s worth it, I’ve earned over $400 in a little over a year.

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