Checkout 51: Cash Back Savings 应用的评论


Used to enjoy...

I see to enjoy this app, but now when you scan the offerings, the vast majority show 0 offers available. As of right now (9:28 pm 06/19/2018) it states 342 offers with $568.59 available in cash back. This is simply untrue.


Easy to use! Love the perks in this app! Definitely helps with my coupon savings!


Absolutely love this app!

Checkout 51

I really enjoy using this app. Super easy to use

Happy shopper

I recently started using Checkout 51 and am very happy with everything. They have several items listed & I haven’t had any issues with purchasing the same items as Ibotta.

0 offers

Too many offers that are not available and I’m not talking about duplicates from Ibotta. Lots of products that no one buys. The ones that people do buy, you have to get them quick or they’ll be gone. On Ibotta I’ve earned over $165, on this app...$21.00. Total over several years.

App is great could be better

App could use more rebates and i wish you could get payments through paypal instead of waiting for a check.


Becoming frustrated with app. In the past it would have gotten 4 stars. Variety would have prevented a 5 star rating. Now the app gets a 3 star due to most things I want to clip stats 0 remaining. Would good is the app if stuff is not available? If it’s not available then take it off and not show it

Painful to go through offers. A lot of clutter.

The only reason I gave this app two stars is because at least they pay the money you have accumulated. But trust me, it takes a lot of time and will to accumulate any money. Their user interface is horrible, you have to scroll for hours until you get through all the offers, the images are small and if you want to see better image you have to click on it and then go back - too much work! Also their offers are so limited that by the time you see it, go to the store and purchase the item, the offer/rebate has already reached the limit, or as they say “0 offers available.” I don’t bother anymore to go out of my way to buy something only because I figured out the rebate in my decision to buy it. Also one huge pet peeve, that I am sure many other people have, is that once the offers have been depleted they are not removed from the scroll list. This makes it so much more difficult to navigate to the available rebates. You can go through few screen-scrolls with empty offers, duds. I don’t know if this is some kind of cheap advertising money that this app makes but it sure backfires by alienating customers with those good but gone offers, and the useless clutter. Not to mention that because of all these offers it takes a second for them to populate. The scroll is also not seamless. I personally don’t check the app sometimes weeks in a row just because: a) I know what the result would be, and b) because it is slow and cumbersome.

Claims not crediting

I’ve been using this app for a while. I’ve had several issues with claims not crediting even though I buy the appropriate item and the right store. When I’ve contacted support, they just keep sending an automated reply that says they can’t credit the claim.

Great experience!

I have had a great experience thus far. I have even tried items that I don’t usually get. The list is long if you don’t break it up, but it’s nice to see everything. AND I like that you can cash out at $20. Don’t have to wait so long like other apps. You should give credit for referrals. I can’t wait to tell my friends about this.

Love it

Love this app. I've only used two times now and have $15 waiting to be redeemed but I have to wait til I reach $20 to get it so that's the only bad part. Thanks Checkout 51!

Well like

I love it

The best app to get a cashback!

I will recoomend this checkout51 this is the best app... you can earn to you save as well.. I already collect check here.. and now waiting for my 2nd check.

Was a fave, but getting annoying

This was one of my favorite discount apps. I use several and, after Ibotta, it’s been my next go to. It has different items available that I use a lot. However, now it’s getting really annoying. I had to submit my most recent receipt 3x because it said it couldn’t find the total (first time). It was obviously on there. the second time they gave me credit for some items, but said they couldn’t find one item on the receipt. So, I had to circle it and send it again. That one was obvious too...right at the top. It takes a while to submit my receipts to whichever app has the particular discount I need so I don’t really have time to submit to one app so many times! I didn’t dupe or use that coupon on another app either. 51 has unique items from my others. I’m low income and try to save every penny I can, so I really need to be able to use coupons however I can. It’s time consuming to plan how to use them, find each discount I need, keep track of where the discount was, the exact details on redemption, etc. Submitting the proof shouldn’t take too much extra time beyond that. Also, wondering what’s up with the link your loyalty card thing. Is Foodtown the only store you can link? It says link loyalty cards, but foodtown has been the only option since that was started. I appreciate the app and how they do offer the option of reviewing denied claims and the response is pretty fast. I just think it should be improved so receipts don’t have to be submitted so many times when the pic is as clear as it can get and all info is on there. Would be nice if it had a way to create a shopping list from the coupons directly in the app. Not many provide that. I have to scroll down to find each product and make sure it’s accurate when I may have many coupons starred that I don’t need right away. Or, perhaps at least a way to mark some coupons as “need immediately” and “for future use.”


I love this app! It’s great to look at and see if I have anything on their list I buy monthly! I get cash back on things I buy each month- and get $5 or so back. There’s tons of items listed every week and it’s great for multiple people.

Pretty much useless

Upload receipts which clearly have what you purchased that they have an offer for and they come back and force you to either reload your receipt or forget it. It’s not worth the effort. I will be deleting this app!


Do not recommend

More useful for Whole Foods

I use checkout 51 and I prefer it to other grocery reward apps because it gives higher pay for more general ingredients, like meats or veggies, rather than offering higher pay for packaged foods. Since I buy organic a lot this is wonderful. :) The time limit for receipt submissions is also not as stringent as other apps.

Can’t wait to DELETE this app!!!!

It took me over a year to reach 20 dollars. It’s been 38 days since I requested to cash out, and I still haven’t received my check on the mail. This app it’s a nightmare.

The App is useless

They do find every possible reason not to give you a refund even though you have the info right there for them. Ibotta is much simpler to use and get you money. The last several times that I had given them info for a product, they rejected it for some reason or another.

Never received rebate check

I received my first several checks but my last check I never received. I filed a dispute and they promised they would reissue my check. I never heard anything so I wrote to them again and was informed that they would not be issuing me another check because the first one had already been cashed. The first check ( if it was ever in issued) was fraudulently cashed by someone else and I am the one to suffer from this. I would not trust this company as they don’t take responsibility to make their client whole. Use Ibotta instead they deposit your money electronically

Don’t bother

The rebates are impossible to redeem at this point. As soon as I get to $20, I plan on deleting it. It will prob take years, but I don’t want to lose the $11 that I have earned slowly. Most rebates have so many limitations like what store you buy it at and how many you need and it’s just frustrating

Love it

Great way to get those extra few bucks. It adds up quickly

Love this app!

I’ve been using this app for a while now. I love it. Products that I normally buy are always available.


I have been using this app for several years. I have quit using it very often though. Most of the offers say “0 remaining” most of the time. Only the more obscure products are available. Not very useful or worth my time anymore.

5* vs $.50

5* vs $.50

Great app

Great way to save money on items you are already are purchasing. Easy to use.

Never been easier to make money!

Love it!

Barely ok

I earn some money but they don’t give you any freebies and there’s not a lot to choose from for buying so that you could get money back. I have other apps that are much better!!

Frustrated user

I am strongly considering deleting my account. I have been screwed over for a few rebates now. They are cracking down to make sure you don’t get cash back from multiple apps, which I understand, but I have now had a few experiences where is says I have redeemed a rebate through another app so I was denied here and in reality I didn’t redeem anything through any other app. And all they say is that that’s what their computer system tells them. When asked what apps they work with, they are apps I don’t even have an account for. I have lost out on a bit of rebates now because of this.

Will do anything to avoid paying out rebates

At this point, I think this app will use any excuse to avoid paying out... and you have to submit a receipt before they will tell you anything. Super irritating that you have to buy something and ONLY THEN will they tell you the receipt is invalid for some BS reason. I've been feeling like this app was the worst of them for a while now (not great selection, most offers go to 0 available within a day or less) and this most recent experience is showing me that it's turning into a scam for them to use your data and take credit for your purchase without actually providing you any benefit.


Who ever Approving the receipt is horrible

Not happy anymore

“0 remaining “ seems to be the norm lately on anything. I can’t even remember the last time I’ve redeemed a rebate. Why make it so pointless?

Checkout 51

Never pay full price and this app pays me on stuff I am buying anyway I love..


Easy to use and comes in handy, you get money for doing nothing really. Takes a few extra minutes out of your week to get extra cash.

Don’t bother downloading and here’s why:

Recent policy change on all their rebates. Now you cannot use ANY manufacturer or store coupons with Checkout 51. No discounts of any kind (not even BOGO items). So it’s useless. I am cashing out my $20 and deleting this. A similar app, SavingStar, is going down the same path and I will delete that soon as well (they are restricting half their deals and soon will be just as bad as Checkout 51). If not for that, I would continue to use and rate it 5 stars, if not for the new policy (new owners-think it’s NewsCorp of Fox News’ group). Use IBOTTA instead. More items, and no restrictions.


Been using Checkout 51 for a few months. I have not cashed out yet. It takes to long to reach $20. Most offers are not available at stores in my area. Please add more stores and the option to cash out with PayPal account.


I’ve been using this app with no issues at all. The money adds up quickly. I’m extremely happy with it.

Rebates and payments

I was told they be adding PayPal as a withdrawal option (that was two months ago) but still no PayPal option

Used to be great but is garbage now.

I used to love this app but with how much it’s changed it’s been forever since I’ve used it. My submissions for the exact item get rejected. If you so much as load a coupon from another app even if you don’t redeem it (Some stores I can’t use the other apps so I wouldn’t be able to redeem it twice anyways) they lock the offer on you. They claim you can get credit for items purchased online by uploading a packing slip but every offer I’ve ever tried to redeem from a packing slip gets rejected. They did away with the fresh produce offers. Lastly they sponsor the same items week after week anymore. I’ve seen some of the same offers for months now. It’s really become unusable.


Was hoping to have the option to send to PayPal or some other card to get funds instantly like Ibotta does !

Don’t waste your time

This app is the worst. It can’t validate items purchased, has little functionality and they mail you a check vs using PayPal. Use Ibotta and save yourself from wasting your time on this useless app.


Finnicky. I much prefer ibotta for its ease of accepting receipts and that you can cash out via PayPal. Very limited in how many offers you may redeem and can’t redeem one if you used a coupon, unlike ibotta. It’s ok and I’ll try checkout when I can but it isn’t great.

Why wait

Those free moments you have no need to play games. Hit this place out. Turn free time to making money time.

Love the app, but...

I’d love this app more if I could scan UPC codes on products. It’s cumbersome to look the items up by name.


I purchased several products on your list, followed instructions, I didn’t get credit for an item because I used a coupon on, also it took some time to get credit for an item that I purchased I had to highlight the item and sent through 3 times.

It’s slowly getting better

I’ve had this app for a couple of years (I think) and I’ve only redeemed $140.00. They have limited offers and the “good offers” tend to go fast. I recommend checking before you buy and redeeming your offer as soon as possible (like as soon as you get your receipt). I have noticed in the past several months that the offers have increased, so I believe they’re really trying to improve their app. I really like the video offers. They seem to be increasing those, as well. Personally, I’ve never had any issues redeeming rebates. Remember to read the details of each rebate. I do wish they would offer cashing out through PayPal, but receiving a check isn’t so bad. They will email you when they’ve mailed your check, it may take 7 - 10 days before you get it, but you will receive it. I’ve cashed out twice. I’ve received the check and deposited problem. I definitely recommend and have recommended this app to several people.



The best app to earn cash back and free sample

I love this app . At first I was a little bit suspicious, I thought it would work out . Once I earned around $20 I asked for a check and I was not sure if the check would come to my house , for my surprise it came in the mail and it was real . I always earn free sample and free money just watching a video . Team of Checkout 51 you guys did a great job . Thank you

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