Checkout 51: Cash Back Savings 应用的评论



Love this app! Who doesn’t love free money?!?!

So far very happy

Can’t complain all I have to do is buy what a normally do scan and collect money , you will get no complaints from me !it rocks!

More difficult to use

I am finding less and less items that I normally buy. The list to scroll through is so long and a large amount of the items are no longer available or only available when buying from a specific store.

No te da reembolso

He comprado los artículos, y en varias ocasiones no me ha dado el reembolso me sale el mensaje que ya lo he redimido cuando solo lo he echo una vez .


I used to love this app, but I hardly ever get to use any rebates. It seems like as soon as you see a rebate pop up, the limit has already been reached. It used to never be this bad. I don’t understand why management says it’s a manufacture or partner decision since Ibotta never has this issue! You hardly ever get to save any money with this app anymore. If you’re looking to save money, finding a better app will help you with your goal, not this app.

New customer service rocks!

In the past I found it difficult to sub,it receipts and let Checkout 51 know the items I purchased. Now if they have a dispute u can easily circle your items on your receipt and so much more. I love it!


Tells me I don’t have internet connection, but I clearly do. Just not for this app. When did it get so horrible.

Just ok

I still use it since I do save a little money. But the claim limit or zero remaining is annoying as others have mentioned. My biggest complaint is waiting for checks. It takes a really long time. These things aren’t bothersome enough to make me drop Checkout 51.

Not recommended: they cheat!

You can cash in at $20, I have just over $18 and now they are marking ANY receipts I upload as incorrect, though they are correct! This is false advertisement and not how it’s supposed to work! Can’t wait to finally reach $20 and cash in so I can delete this app. So frustrating. It’s taking more time out if my day to actually check my receipt and upload it than it’s worth. Skip this, there are better ones out there!

Great app

My sister is allowed to transfer her balance to PayPal and I am not able to. I use PayPal a lot and I wish I had that option I’m not sure why I don’t.

Offers are so bare

This app is definitely on the bottom of my cash back had it for almost 1.5 years and am only at $18...and I’m a religious scanner I do it the second I get home from store. Ibotta is way better and has 10X more offers! I’ve Cashed out on ibotta about 7 times...I keep this one around until I can get to the cash out level then it’s going off my phone for sure lol!

Love it!

Awesome and easy!

Tired of app

To picky where you purchase products.

Items limited.

I make a list of items to buy get them come home and they are gone. So frustrating. Also only valid at certain stores. Not as good as it was

Used to be a great app

The thing that bothers me the most about this app is the phrase “not too many left”. In the same day you check and it’s no longer available. They even add new items on Thursday and the items are no longer available?! What?! If it’s not available then don’t show it. I’m just buying items that I may not need or would’ve bought another brand. The only thing they do have that’s better than the other rebate apps is that you can usually buy items at any store. As long as it has an itemized and the store’s name and info on the receipt. Hopefully they get back to the way they used to be.

Great app!

Absolutely love this app!


Ibotta is so much better. I added coupons only to realize that they were only valid at rite aid or Lowe's. I'm not going to go to Lowe's to buy bleach. And I'm not going to go to rite aid to buy body soap. I'm at Wal-Mart, make the coupon for lots of places. Useless.

If you care about your health and wellness this app not for you

Money back options are filled with processed foods and toxic personal care products...I don’t buy any of this garbage

Pointless app

I’ve stopped using the app as of today because it’s pointless. Not only does it limit to where you can purchase the items but now when a promotion attaches to the product on the receipt the claim I can’t also get the rebate on Checkout 51.


Is it just me, or are there a lot of reviews here that sound exactly the same and sound like a marketing pitch for Ibotta? Hmm... will update this soon as I’ve downloaded Both apps and will put them to the test. I’m a mom. And I’m a human. Therefore, I grocery shop. Lol. So we’ll see which of these apps wins the trophy and rave review in this household! :) Stay tuned Bungholios ;-)

Used to like this app

I used to like this app. However, lately, it’s all the same offers for non-food items over and over again. Or, offers I would use, say claimed limit.

Not All Bad

My only real beef with checkout51 is,,it takes too long to receive your check, but other than that,,not all bad. I have dealt with customer support and they were on point, problem resolved quickly..So for the payout time i give them a 1 rating, but overall i will give them a 4😍

App has turned to CRAP!

I have used Checkout 51 for several years, but after finally reaching that $20 mark again - I am deleting! It took months to rebate that last few dollars so I could cash out. Earlier this year I contacted support because all of my items were “0” remaining and nothing seemed to be updating. I was told to delete and reinstall and that should fix the problem. It did not. It wasn’t until I read reviews that I found out “0” remaining is because Checkout 51 is scanning your other rebate apps and don’t want to you to claim duplicate rebates on the same item. I’m ok with that, what I’m not ok with is that those items will remain as ”0” even after they are no longer available on another app. Ibotta and SavingStar both have rebates that reappear after claiming, but not Checkout 51.... “0” is what you get. The offers that aren’t “0” remaining are food & cleaning items I don’t use or booze, plenty of booze! I’m also not ok with being denied a rebate because the store has a sale that discounts an item that Checkout 51 has a rebate on, store discount and manufacturer discount are two completely different things. This app might work for some but certainly not for me any longer! If you do try this app, if you keep it and make it to $20 for a rebate, the checks (yes checks) do come in the mail in about two weeks.

Don’t waste your time

Offers are very limited took me almost 2 years to get to $20. As soon as I claimed my last coupon to make it over the $20 they denied it. I filled out a complaint and circled the transaction which was the first item on the receipt and it is clearly labeled. Even with that denied again. They clearly don’t want to pay me only explanation.

Purchased expensive item and it won’t scan can’t get help to respond

Purchased an expensive product and couldn’t get it to scan. Was correct product, no help contact. The link for help you get no response!! DONT BOTHER WITH THIS APP


This app was wonderful when I first started using it . Who doesn’t love some cash back on product you’ve purchased . But recently, I’ve bought products and then when I tried to redeem my offer , it said it was out of stock or there’s 0 remaining . When I add my offers from ibotta it also says that 0 are remaining , so I have to switch over and use ibotta . I recently tried to cash out for $184 , and when trying to cash out they suspended my account . If they had already honored my receipts and put the cash back into the “account” , how are they able to not pay me. When contacting them, since I find it pretty unfair that they suspended my account AFTER trying to cash it. I got an around the bush answer with you violated the terms and agreement . Asked them once more which term did I “violated” and got “by signing the terms and agreement , we are able to suspend your account due to the fact we’re not sure if you purchased the items. My friend also had the same issue when she tried to cash out for $346 for their trip her fiancé and her were taking. She has Yet gotten an email back from them . I’ve cashed out before (less than $50) and never had an issue . I wouldn’t recommend waiting cashing out for a large amount because it seems like they just want to suspend your account for trying to cash out any large amount of money .

Slow but adds up

It takes some time to get up to the 20 cash out amount but if you check your recite after every purchase, you are bound to get something in return. It has taken me a couple months to get four dollars

Fun way to save

My hobby is saving $. This app is a no-brainer: You shop, check the offers available and take a photo. Easy!

Don’t waste your time

Have had the app for almost a year and finally am able to cash out at the minimum $20. There are hardly any items on there you would normally buy and if you did, they’re not normally available in your region. Use to have a lot of “any” items to redeem so mostly used that but haven’t seen that in months. Just don’t bother especially if you don’t live in a huge city and actually want to buy those non-common items

Not all that great

Their system does not work well and becomes a lot of trouble for very little. Their ‘reward’ items are mostly obscure brands, and then they claim incomplete receipts when upon review the information they claim not there is entirely visible. Overall not enough reward given the effort.

Not scanning

Downloaded, signed up, added an offer and when I try to scan the barcode the camera opens and it looks like it’s going to scan but doesn’t do anything.

It’s Not Worth It

Checkout 51 use to be one of my favorite apps. Unfortunately, I’m now at a point where I’m just looking to claim offers to cash out for the last time. It is happened to me for months where I will have offers saved to redeem, and by the time I leave the grocery store, minutes after I activate the offers, they are already claimed. It is extremely frustrating. Checkout 51 launches their offers on Thursday. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve tried to go to the grocery store as early as I can on Thursday morning, and the offers are still claimed. I’ve emailed support about this and they have been extremely unhelpful. I also mentioned that my offer feed is filled with offers that are already at their claim limit, and that is a bug that should be examined. They note this issue to be a good thing for consumers - because you know what you can claim and what you cannot. Unfortunately, until last week, I haven't been on able to claim an offer for nearly 6 months. Also, it’s important to note that you cannot do a PayPal transfer like other apps. You will receive a check once you hit $20 and cash out. It’s very antiquated.

Going downhill fast

This app used to be great. The rebates are not as good as they were in the past. I submitted a receipt 3 times. The last 2 times they asked me to circle the item because they could not find it. I logged a case and they tell me I did not get the rebate because I got the rebate on another app. Why tell me to submit the receipt again if that was the case. Stick with Ibotta or Savings Star if you want great service.


Half of the items listed are not available for submitting a rebate. I’m no longer a user of this app.

Pretty good

This app is basically like iBotta but a bit better. Whenever I tried to claim a idem on iBotta, it never gives me the money for no apparent reason! And I tried iBotta 3x till I just deleted it for good. This app actually gives you the money on the exact same day instead of waiting the whole day. Tho this app doesn’t really have anything I would by on it but it still has some. And I also love how every week, they give you new offers then the same offers over and over again. Great app!

This app is a scam! Stay away & don’t waste your time.

I previously submitted a review indicating that this app is very restrictive and it’s competitors are much better and get you way more money. Now I am adding to that review because this app is deceptive and has horrible customer service. I attempted uploading a receipt from an online order (which the instructions clearly say is acceptable) only to get my submission denied. Then once I finally reached the $20 threshold to qualify for a payout, I get an email confirming a check will be sent and then a week later get a vague email stating that my account has been suspended because my receipt “violated the terms and conditions”. I go into the app to see my check has been recalled. Seriously, do not waste your time on this piece or garbage! They stole my head-earned money! UPDATE: developer replied asking me to contact them. I did. Twice. No response. Sent them a message on Twitter, still no response. Just horrible.

Earned $5 on my 1st receipt

So far so good, wish it offered a scan to see if the item is claimable. Bad part I added 2 items to my list and when I went to load my receipt it said I claimed my limit... what I haven’t claimed anything yet?? Big sad face!!!

Good app

It is great when you can get a lot more items in the summer or late spring. They don’t have much for the rest of the year. I live in a rural area in VT, so a lot of offers are not available to me.

It’s okay...

It’s an okay app just wish they’d change up the stuff they have. It just seems to be mostly the same stuff every week. Need more variety

You need this app

Best cash back app ever!

Extra cash

Not bad for extra $.... just take a while to build up.

Cool app

Simple and neat but definitely needs to add more stuff


I have just put in for first cash out. I have used for a couple of months and will continue.

I love this app!

I just buy what I would normally buy and if it’s an item in the app great, if not, nbd. It’s like free money!

Remaining offers

I hate that it shows offers that have 0 offers left. Why show them?!?

Store specific

This app is of no use to me. I shop at stores that give the best prices. This app has products that you have to purchase at specific stores to get the rebates. I don’t look for a rebate then shop, I shop for what I NEED, where I want, then I search for the rebate. There are other apps that allow this.

All the good stuff is never available

Long list of random stuff. A few good items but there’s usually “0 remaining” offers on those. One time there was an item I bought and by the time I got home it said “0 remaining”. No other cash back app does that so pretty annoying.

Monitoring my use of other apps?

I always wondered why after I activated a rebate, it would drop to 0 available when I went to redeem a purchase. Now after coming here to read reviews, I see it’s because they somehow monitor my use of other rebate apps and they “know” I have activated another rebate elsewhere. They say it’s a manufacturer’s rule, but I seriously doubt that. I think it’s just plain creepy that they monitor my other apps somehow. This app has since been deleted off my phone.

The is legit if you looking not to scam the app developer

This app is legit. Especially since you can get cashed out to PayPal. If you are looking to get rich off the app, that's not going to happen, but the money back Im getting is great. And being able to simply watch a video to get money sometimes is great too! While my last receipt got me $10, it's not always like that. And because I get money from this app to buy things, It has introduced me to brands that I wouldn't normal buy and now I do. While I wish some of the products would change more, I love when an item I'd regularly buy a anyways keeps showing up each week :)

Verifying product

When reading this app, it seemed so simple and easy and wonderful! But I bought the replica of a product. Then told to scan the barcode of the product after taking a picture of receipt. Didn’t work for me so I reached out for support via email. They provided me with instructions that were unclear so I sent pictures of my receipt barcode then was told to send a picture of product barcode. I did that as well. After going back and forth, now I’m told to send a picture of the actual product because it can’t be verified. All of this work and going back and forth.It’s such an inconvenience and waste of time.

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