Checkout 51: Cash Back Savings 应用的评论


Still loving it!!!

I am still loving my app!!!!! I always find thing to check off every shopping trip, and I’m loving the daily bonus!!!


I just deleted the Checkout51 app. It takes too long to cash out as compared to other grocery apps and it takes way too long to receive the money when you do finally get to cash out. Other reviewers have mentioned the double dipping and it’s just too frustrating now to deal with this app.

Needs more produce options

The app is decent, but it would be better if it included more produce options—most weeks it doesn’t include produce at all. Most of the food included is processed food/junk.

Most savings not available

When I first started with Checkout51 I thought it was a decent app. Unfortunately now most items rebates aren’t available. Week in and week out the same offers are on my app but nothing has any rebates left! Why bother putting the item on the app every week when there aren’t any rebates left!! If you took the items off the list that didn’t have rebates left there would be less than 20 items on the list!! I keep hoping that every week more new offers will be available but they’re not!!

Not worth your time

This app is NOT worth your time! They don’t offer a lot of items that are worth buy. There are other apps that are SO MUCH BETTER!!

Rating checkout 51

Love checkout 51 saved a lot of money using this app

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 has made it so easy for me to earn money while shopping. Love it!!!

Doesn’t even work for me anymore

I used to enjoy using them but now I get like no deals showing up at all since last update like it’s an empty slate. I’ve gotten more relevant deals to my shopping for cash back from other sources that I get a better return off of. Sadly I’m letting this app go now

Easy way to earn!

A great way to earn some easy money & they actually send real checks! You can spend your earnings on what you want.

zero remaining! 👎🏻

made me purchase something knowing that i will save few bucks, so i went home to take picture of my receipt i was surprised i can’t redeem it anymore cause its has zero remaining what the heck? seriously? hope this will change, put expiration or something but surprises please..

Awesome app

Love this app and it’s very easy to use if you know how to read and follow directions, sometimes they tell me that they cannot process because they don’t see it on my receipt but after I circled the item they give me the credit right away , they have always resolved my claim and have never had a problem, yes sometimes you have to check to make sure that you can only use certain coupons at certain store but if that’s the deal then either go to the store or don’t use it , over all I’m enjoying my Check Out 51

Not worth the effect.

This is the rebate app to earn on, I recommend trying others..

Other apps do this better

I used Ibotta and was able to get a significant amount of money back each time I went to the grocery store. I thought maybe I could earn double with another similar app. Nope. With this app the deals haven’t changed for 2 months and they deals on stuff me or my family would never buy. If the deals would switch up maybe it would be worth using but until then ill pass.

Needs more diversity

Easy to use, but takes awhile to get to $20, mainly due to diversity. But I need every penny I can save.

Not good

This app is pathetic. I used it for a week and deleted. They don’t have very good deals most of them are terrible.

Was Much Better, Now Just OK

I have used Ibotta and Checkout 51 for several months now. It’s really nice and convenient getting to use “coupons” without having to clip and bring them to the store. Instead, while at the grocery store, I check the offers on Ibotta and Checkout 51 for offers I’m interested in, buy, then submit for cash back when I get home. Over the several months that I’ve had each app, I’ve saved about $60 with Checkout 51 and about three times that much with Ibotta. Lately, its really been a challenge to find any offers I’m interested in on Checkout 51. I really struggled to reach the $20 minimum for cash out this last time and, now that I have, I’m going to delete the app. It’s just not worth searching the offers each trip only to find they don’t have any products I’m Interested in. Developer: Yes, I would love to reach out to other companies....and do your job, as soon as I get your paycheck.

Great app

Great app that offers cashback! Looking for more offers and redeem my first $20.

Love it

Use it all the time.

Do not use Checkout 51 any more!

If you want to be a couponer, or you are caring about your money, please do not use checkout 51. I always scanned my receipts to them, and they always said that they did not find out my items. I am doubting that whether they reviewed my receipts because I scanned the receipts following their steps but they always missed it and reject to solve this problems. I am disappointed for this app.


Great app to save money!

Super easy!

What a great way to save a little on groceries! Super easy and lots of coupons relevant to my family.


So far I haven’t had any issues with the app, I regularly use it and the only problem i see is the limit on rebates sometimes when I’m ready to make my purchase all the rebates have already been claimed. But other than that it works great.


I love Checkout51! Easy to use and with today’s economy every penny helps...

0 remaining 👎

i really love this app but lately everything i want to redeem has 0 remaining listed next to it. is there something that can be done about this!?! having more coupons available? there’s not point in continuing to use this app if i can’t redeem the things i buy.


I was so excited about this app until I started using it. I’ve had it for almost a year and have managed to earl $6.75 in cashback. Dead serious. I downloaded a different app and just cashed in close to $50. I don’t understand why the offers on this app are so limited! Nope, I’m done with it.

Totally agree w other reviews!! 0 stars

After reading other reviews I agree with everyone!! This use to be a great app until the developers got greedy I’m so sick of buying and getting home only to find out that 0 remaining!! so close to deleting this app!!

Used to be better

This app is ok. You can occasionally find things to get rebates on, but you only get a limited amount of times to use it. In the amount of time to accumulate $40, I’ve accumulated over $100 through Ibotta. Checkout never changes their items. They have every flavor of one item on there which makes it seem like more. And there are barely any general or “any brand” rebates. After I hit my $20, I’m not sure I will even waste my time looking at it anymore.

Too many 0 remaining

I’ve been using checkout 51 for a while now and it’s was great at first. However the number of offers that quickly become 0 remaining in the last few months has been on the rise. Today there are 31. Yesterday Udi’s bread showed up as an offer and by 9:30 this morning there were 0 remaining. One would hope it would reset the next week but the rebates with 0 remaining could stay posted for weeks. If you aren’t offering it because you’ve run out then please remove it from the list. Honestly, I prefer SavingStar’s method where if you select the offer it’s yours to use or not use and if they have exceeded the limit then you can’t activate it. It gets frustrating to plan to use a rebate to have it quickly disappear. Please figure a different process out.

Works great!

Easy to use and credit given quickly! Will continue to use!

Worse rebate app now!!

This app have become so useless comparing to the other apps out there. We use to enjoy offers and now by the time you add offers and go to the store, the offers are either gone and or there for less then half a day. Most of the time it says offer reached the first day when you haven’t even purchased anything and or even selected the offer. The limit to cash out is high for the amount of offers they have and quantity. You’ll never reach your $20 to cash out.


Great way to get money back. Easy to use and everyone I know loves it!

Easy but frustrating

The app is very easy to use and now that you can narrow it down by offers in the store where you are shopping makes it easier. My frustration is that when an offer is no longer available, it is still viewable. (It reads that there are zero remaining.) I have messed up multiple times buying a product only to not get a rebate because I saw it but didn’t see the “0” or it turned to 0. It’s like the app is mocking me. “See what you didn’t get!” That is the only thing I would like to see changed.

So Lame

Such a bummer of an app. Use Ibotta for reals. I have submitted receipt after receipt and they get rejected. They send me a notification that the receipt cannot be read and a copy of the image I sent and I can see everything fine. Also this app only works when connected to WiFi. Their site is super slow and has a crappy layout. Sorry guys. Your app is borderline awful top to bottom and the backend support makes it worse. Stay alway. Such a scam. Seems like they want to make it hard for you to cash out an rewards. 1star for sure.

Updates not welcome

It is highly irritating that you refresh offers every Thursday morning, yet you don’t remove zero offers. Majority of “new” list is offers that are unavailable. Used to love the app but not so much anymore.

Checkout 51

Best app ever!!!!


You can get a point!

Dumb app 🤦🏾‍♀️

This app is so dumb ‼️

Waste of your time

I’ve been using this app for about 2 years. The biggest problem is that if you have other savings apps (Ibotta, Checkout 51 will tell you that you can’t redeem their rebates because you saved a rebate for the same product in another app. Checkout 51 isn’t even up front about it- they will let you unlock the rebate but when you come back later it says there are 0 remaining. This is ridiculous. I use multiple other grocery apps and none of them do this. The only reason I haven’t deleted yet is because I want the $10 that’s currently in my account. Don’t waste your time here, stick to Ibotta.


It’s my first time using this app and I love it.

Best app!!!!!

Use this app all the time .... love it

Over a year

It’s been over a year, and I’ve still only made it to $9.50. Not enough products to choose from. #appdeleted

Never get my checks

I have waited a long time to post a review because at face value I love this app but unlock its competitor Ibotta the follow through or cashing out your rebates is awful. The only reason I am giving them any stars is because their customer service reps themselves are very nice but cannot help very much since all checks are only issued once a month. I have cashed it three times and all three times now my checks have been VERY LATE and I have had to write to customer service for them to be reissued EVERY SINGLE CHECK so I am writing this review after my last email requesting my last pay out. This apps needs to move to the 21st century and use some other form of payment like all of their contemporaries. Disregard the atrocious grammar I am very upset.


I’ve checked the app the offer is available I go buy it and then When I go to file it it’s no longer available

Rebates are very limited as to quantity.

Every time there’s a rebate that’s good, it’s all gone before you know it’s there. There’s not enough quantity.

Free money, but fix the camera bug

It’s easy to use. I’ve had the app since 2015 (originally with android, then iOS). Staples like gallons of milk rarely show up anymore. Good for a lot of other common items though. On Android, the camera scanner was incredibly buggy with reading QR codes and barcodes to the point where I gave up on it. Bought my iPhone 7, worked flawlessly. Now the barcode and QR scanner is buggy and won’t focus anymore. Fix this for five stars.

Not enough diverse offers or they suddenly have zero left

Why show an offer that has zero redemptions left? And how does an offer run out so quickly, or conveniently right after I left the store? If they wanted to be transparent they could show how many “offers” are left so I could estimate whether I could get home to complete the process in time. I have had this app for a year and am stuck at $7. Because of what many other reviewers are saying: the same 40 products that don’t change and I don’t buy. I do like the updated search/filter function (finally!) but this app is definitely the last deal app I choose when guiding my shopping behavior, which is the point right?

Download iBotta instead

Those who've said that this app is nearly useless, are exactly right. Unless you constantly buy from a list of the same 20 to 30 processed foods, you won't make any progress. They rarely offer cash back for fresh foods and produce. I've had it for four months, and have only accumulated $6.00 - despite being a regular grocery shopper. As soon as I reach the $20 mark (so that I can withdraw), I'll be deleting this app to make room for something more useful. Bottom line: go for the iBotta app instead. They're nowhere near as stingy as Checkout51, and they have a huge selection of constantly changing products for which they'll award cash back.

Ready to delete this app

First it was great, I have yet to do a payout for one I have not reached the $20 min. Second not always products that I purchase or consume regularly. However I was happen that my recent trip to the store would yield two items currently showing, however that was soon deflated when the receipt was denied because it was purchased from a certain list of store that are either not in my area which was the majority of them or that I do not shop at for quality concern reasons. Not appreciating this at all and understand why I typically ignore the reminders from this app. I wish I could payout my $16.25 that is still in and delete the app forever!

Check 51 Rocks!!

I must say it’s much easier to use then others.It’s so easy to use and I have received over 40 bucks in the mail...very good App...I highly recommend it.


Just starting out, so I’m not going to be too negative just yet. Hopefully I’ll get some feedback and can give a better review. I’ve turned to the help area as to how to turn on notifications. To get to the settings, I have to go under my profile. There is not a person in the upper left corner as the help area instructs. Help!

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